Thursday, 9 April 2009

Add Blog Feed To Facebook

Facebook is great for promoting your blog and getting visitors that take action. A great way to use facebook is to have your blog posts automatically added to your facebook profile as they are written.

In this video, I explain how you can syndicate your blog posts to your facebook account

Saturday, 4 April 2009

How to create a blogger blog

This video walks you through how to build your own blogger blog.

Blogger is a free blogging platform. The blogs are hosted by Google.

The content though is yours.

Before watching the video below

  • Decide what niche you want to blog about i.e what topic. for example your blog may be on blogger blogs

  • Research what words people use to try and find information you will be providing on your blog e.g create a blog, blog tips, guide to blogging

  • The keywords that you find are relevant to how you set up your blog.

  • Read this guide to keyword research before you watch the video. It will show you how to find the relevant keywords you will use when setting up your blog

Now the video on how to build a blogger blog

Happy Blogging

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To your blogging success